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The Golden Proportion

“The good, of course, is always beautiful, and the beautiful never lacks proportion.” – Plato

There is a “golden  proportion” that civilizations across time have acknowledged is the most pleasing to the eye. This perfect proportion is applicable in dentistry.

It has been found that a perfect smile will display this proportion between the size and shape of the individual teeth. So by using this guide, a dentist can bring a smile to perfection.

The teeth are analyzed according to a “grid” that helps the dentist see the most pleasing shapes and sizes of teeth in relation to each other. Below you can see how the grid works for the central and lateral incisors.

Using this proportional guide, Dr. Landry can map out a blueprint or map of where the teeth should be and their appropriate sizes and relationships to each other. Then a plan for “remodeling” your smile can be developed.



Let our quiet and soothing office atmosphere put you at rest as we design a smile for you.  In our busy and fast paced world you will find no or very little waiting in our office. We have designed the experience around you.

Dr. Landry is an LVI trained dentist who can show you the way to the smile you were meant to have.