They call it “cosmetic dentistry” but my problems were far below the surface. I suffered for years with TMJ, neck pain, and migraines, never getting a good night’s sleep. After seeing numerous dentists, and trying various procedures (braces, splints, equilibration) and medications (too much), I had resigned myself to live with the pain. When I started seeing Dr. Landry and he told me about LVI, I was obviously skeptical. But after several visits, he helped me understand more about the cause of my problems and thoroughly explained why LVI could help me. It was a big decision, but one I have never regretted. Yes, I was nervous at first, but Dr. Landry and his staff were so patient with me. His “chair-side manner” always put me at ease and everyone in his office was so kind and encouraging. I cannot imagine what my life would be like today if I hadn’t given it one more try and trusted Dr. Landry. Today I am pain free and sleeping like a baby. He did more than change my smile, he changed my life.

Thank you Dr. Landry!
Carol Blanda – Lafayette, LA

I started seeing Dr. Landry in the fall of 2005 for sore, tired jaw muscles, headaches, neckpain, and popping in the jaw joint. After several x-rays and tests, Dr. Landry had an orthotic splint made for me to wear daily. The orthotic was to help realign my jaw and help with fatigue in the jaw from grinding my teeth and to help headaches. Dr. Landry also recommended a chiropractor for neck pain. After several months of readjusting my orthotic an seeing a chiropractor, my headaches and neck pain are gone and no more tired jaws. I couldn’t thank Dr. Landry and his staff enough for taking the time time to help me feel better.
Michelle Thomas – Lafayette, LA

My name is Tiffany Roy and I have been a patient of Dr. Landry’s for about two years. I am not only a dental patient, but also a TMJ patient. I have suffered from TMJ for about 15 years – severe headaches, jaw popping and pain. I attempted treatment with other dentists with no success.
My treatment with Dr. Landry began with a TENS unit connected to my face and jaw for one hour to determine correct jaw placement for me. I was then fitted with an appliance called an orthotic that I basically wore 24 hours a day. I was closely monitored by Dr. Landry and his staff with once a month visits where my orthotic was reshaped and recontoured to keep my bite correct. After 8 months, the next step was braces. Dr. Landry referred me to an orthodontist who specializes in TMJ. He has been collaborating with my orthodontist throughout my treatment. I have been in braces with special appliances for about a year now. With about 1 ½ to 2 years to go.
I just wanted to say thank you to Dr. Landry and his staff for their unique treatment plan which has kept me free from TMJ pain and headaches for 1 ½ years now. The personalized and professional care provided by Dr. Landry and his staff are second to none. You guys are the best and I will continue to recommend you to my family and friends. Keep up the GREAT work!!
Tiffany Roy – Church Point, LA

I have been extremely self conscious of my smile my entire life. I never showed my teeth when I smiled and even learned to talk without showing my teeth. I was told at preteen age the only way to correct my smile was to break my jaw and have implants placed in my lower jaw. Not wanting to burden my parents with the great expense and being terrified to have surgery, I learned to live with the side effects. Those side effects were daily headaches, soreness in my neck, ringing in my ears, sore jaw, and sometimes numbness in my fingers. I had asked my previous dentist if I might have TMJ, but he assured my that I was not suffering from that.
I longed for a beautiful smile! Having a daughter in the dental field, I spoke to her and asked her for advice. She recommended I see a cosmetic dentist and have veneers placed on my teeth to achieve the desired look and smile I wanted. Not to mention she said Dr. Craig Landry was cute and his office staff was so really sweet. I took her advice and made a life changing appointment.
Dr. Landry is a miracle worker in my eyes. He has treated me for TMJ and it is truly amazing that I no longer have headaches, neck pain, or any of the other painful effects that are associated with it. I wore an orthotic for roughly a year and my pain completely subsided. My many office visits over the past two years have always been pleasant, and I thank Dr. Landry and his well trained staff for that.
Today I am in phase two of my treatment. I have been wearing braces for the past year and am looking forward to the day Dr. Landry can fit me with veneers. This may be hard to believe, but I must say I have had a wonderful experience with Dr. Craig Landry.
Sunny Aucoin – Morgan City, LA

Dear Dr. Landry
First, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for being so wonderful. I had never been to a professional office that is so compassionate, caring and understanding until I started seeing you. All of you go above and beyond your duties and I congratulate you on that.
Second, I would like to say that I have found my treatment concerning my orthotic has helped me. The testing done had never been performed that way before and I feel the test showed me a lot concerning my TMJ that I would not have known otherwise. The tests were very thorough and showed good results. I also feel my splint has helped me also. It has adjusted my bite and has eased the clamping and grinding of my teeth during sleep and has helped to ease my jaw pain and migraines. Your regimen of constant monitoring the changes in my bite has helped tremendously. I am confident that with your continued help I will recover from my TMJ and be able to live pain-free.
Once again, a special Thank You.
Janet Thibodeaux – Lafayette, LA

I would like to begin by thanking Dr. Landry and his staff for helping me figure out that I was suffering Temporomandibular Disorder, also known as TMD. I was suffering with headaches, facial pain, sensitive teeth and clenching of the teeth. I went from doctor to doctor, taking different types of medication but nothing ever helped. I was referred to Dr. Landry’s office by my chiropractor. From the first day I went to Dr. Landry’s office I felt comfortable and everyone was very nice. Dr. Landry began treatment by hooking me up to a headpiece where I experienced Transcutaneous Electrical Neural Stimulation or TENS. The muscles in my jaw weer being relaxed by ultra-low frequency electrical muscle stimulation. This did not hurt at all. After Dr. Landry figured out that my bite could be the cause for headaches I was fitted for an appliance called an orthotic. This is a custom made appliance that I wore on my lower teeth to keep the correct bite position in place. Within weeks I felt relief. My headaches were not as bad or didn’t occur as often. I wore the orthotic for ten months and then a permanent one was glued to the bottom of my teeth. The second appliance felt better and looked more natural. I am now wearing braces to fix the position of my teeth permanently while wearing the orthotic. I am very grateful to Dr. Landry and his staff for helping me figure out the problem and the cause of my symptoms.
Katie Nicholson – Lafayette, LA

I had been experiencing headaches for over 2 years. I took medicine 2 times a day just to dull the pain. Doctors blamed it on allergy & sinus problems and said I should be thinking about taking allergy shots.
But with my first appointment with Dr. Landry, we talked about my headaches and facial pain. Dr. Landry mentioned TMD was probably the cause of the headaches and explained to me the treatment.
I now wear an orthotic appliance and I have experienced significant relief! After several more months of therapy and TENS to get my bite just right, I feel so much better!!!
Thank you Dr. Landry & staff!!!
Sheila Hasha – Lafayette, LA

Dear Dr. Landry,
I wold like to express my appreciation for the orthotic that you designed for me. I was having a lot of facial pain, and Dr. David Barczyk (chiropractor) recommended you to me. I’m very pleased and happy that I took his recommendation.
I have no more facial pain and gum pain. I wear the orthotic every night.
Thank You.
Wyeanette Johnson – Lafayette, LA

Thank you for being such a wonderful dentist. Thank you, especially, for the extra effort you made to help my Bells Palsy recovery. Even after being told “no more improvement” could be expected-you didn’t give up. I will never forget your caring and generous work which has now given me 84% recovery and still going!
Phyllis Keaty – Lafayette, LA

My name is Donna Hebert and I’ve had headaches all my life. But over the past five years they really had gotten out of control. I had seen every type of doctor you can name. Some of the prognosis that I had gotten were rheumatoid arthritis, hormonal headaches that would require a hysterectomy, or it was just migraines and that I would have to live with it. I had even sought help from a chiropractor. I was on so much medication at the time that I felt like I didn’t have a life anymore. Then in January of 2008 my family and I had to relocate to Lake Charles, La. because of new employment. With the new job came new insurance. The new insurance that my husband had now would not allow me to have the migraine medication that I once had. Feeling desperate, I decided to investigate solutions on my own by surfing the internet for information on migraines. It wasn’t long before I came across a website on TMJ /TMD and Dr. Landry. After reading information on his website and feeling desperate, I decided to call and set up an appointment. From my first contact with his staff, they made me feel like they knew exactly how I felt and they really seemed to care. This was to the contrary of the feeling that I had gotten from previous doctors. I was skeptical at first but after my first appointment I really felt more at ease. It was really hard for me when they told me they could help me because nothing had helped in the past. So I gave it my all with Dr. Landry and his staff and thanks to them, I have my life back today. It is so nice to be able to wake up in the morning without a stiff neck and headaches, and not have to wonder how I will get through the day.
Thanks, Dr Landry and staff.

Dr. Landry,

All my life I have heard that senior year is one of the best years of your life. I had attended St. Thomas More for four years and couldn’t wait to start my senior year. I felt like I was on top of the world. Nothing could get in the way of me having the time of my life. Or so I thought.

In early November 2006 I began having terrible headaches. Along with the pain in my head, I was vomiting and sensitive to light and sound. I missed a couple of days of school before my mom decided to take me to my family doctor. He checked me over and said he really couldn’t find anything wrong. He diagnosed me as having migraine, gave me some migraine medicine and sent me on my way. I thought this would be the solution, but it wasn’t. I went back to my family doctor a few days later when the symptoms did not subside. He then ordered a CT scan done on my sinuses along with a cortisone shot. The cortisone didn’t do anything for me and when we got the scan back, everything was normal. My doctor then directed me to a headache specialist to see if he could find anything further. The headache specialist did a physical exam and put me on some different migraine medicine. He wanted me to come back in a couple of weeks to see if anything had changed. If it had not, he was going to refer me to a Neurosurgeon. I went home and did everything the doctors told me. All the while I was missing school and falling farther behind in my classes, which were stressing me out even more.

I returned to the headache specialist a couple of weeks later with the same symptoms. Nothing had changed. He then referred me to one of the best Neurosurgeons in town. From there, the neurosurgeon ordered an MRI just to make sure there weren’t any abnormalities in my brain.

I remember the morning the results came in from the MRI. I was laying in bed with a terrible headache when my mom came in to tell me about the results. I asked her if everything was normal and she said no. She explained to me that I had an enlarged blood vessel in my head and something called a Chiari Malformation. Chiari Malformations are structural defects in the cerebellum, the part of the brain that controls balance. I have Type 1, the most common and least dangerous. From there, my neurosurgeon ordered a Cerebral Angiogram. I was terrified when I heard I was going to have to have this procedure done. My mom guidance counselor at school to let her know what the doctors had found. All of my teachers exempted me from my midterm exams. The entire school was informed of all of the medical testing I was going through and I was in all of their prayers. My classmates sent me cards and a stuffed bear with all of their notes and signatures on it.

I checked into Our Lady of Lourdes in late December 2007 expecting the worst. I just knew I was going to have to have brain surgery. To my families and my relief, everything was as it should be in my brain. I was born with these conditions and my body had adapted to them. This was not what was causing my headaches.

After my Cerebral Angiogram, my mom decided to call Dr. Landry’s office to see if they could refer her to someone who dealt with individuals with TMJ. My mom had been skeptical while I was having these headaches if they weren’t related to TMJ. To her surprise, Dr. Landry was a specialist in Neuromuscular Dentistry. We went in right away for consultation. Dr. Landry and his staff did everything to help me with my headaches. They ran tests to see just exactly where my teeth were supposed to fit together. He was convinced that this would stop my headaches. I would go in for sessions where I would be hooked up to a tensing machine to relax all of the muscles in my jaws. This is what helped me the most. After the first day, they sent me home with a portable tensing machine. They told me to wear it as much as I needed when I had a headache. After a couple of weeks of going to Dr. Landry’s office at least twice a week, they fitted me with my first temporary orthotic. I immediately felt relief. My headaches got fewer and fewer. I went from having a headache all day every day, to one or two a week. Dr. Landry then mentioned braces. He said it would be a permanent solution to my headaches. My parents and I agreed that this would be the best move.

I now have braces and a more permanent orthotic on my bottom teeth. I have not had a headache in over a year. Dr. Landry and his staff have been amazing throughout all of my treatment. They have done everything to make sure that I am comfortable and headache free. I cannot thank them enough for the time and effort they have put into my treatment and the kindness they have shown me and my family.

Emily Yocham

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