Your smile tells others a lot about the person who wears it!
Throughout the years I have worked diligently taking special care of my teeth. Many years of clenching and grinding caused my teeth to chip and to wear down. I also suffered from neck pain and discomforts. I began searching for a dentist who has a special interest and education in this field. Dr. Craig Landry was recommended with no hesitation.
Dr. Landry was just the dentist I was searching for. His visual awareness of my facial structure immediately lead him to do studies to diagnose the condition of TMJ. Dr. Landry has the most updated technology that reenacts the bite and and structure of the jaw and mouth. Dr. Landry’s thorough explanation and demonstration of the studies gave me the knowledge I needed to proceed forward with the treatment process.
Dr. Landry and his office staff have made this 2 year treatment plan a pleasant experience. The kind and caring personality of Dr. Landry and his office staff was experienced by me each time I entered his office. May God bless each one of you for sharing your special gifts with the people you touch each and every day.
JH – Lafayette. LA

At the time I moved to Lafayette (August 2005) I had seen a dentist on the Gulf Coast to begin some dental work so that my upper teeth (five of them) would match. Five of my upper teeth were different colors-one was gray, two were discolored from staining and age, one had a cap from years ago that was lighter, and one was very yellow. I called them my “corn” teeth because they resembled that variety of corn on the cob that is multicolored. Needless to say I was very conscious of my smile-and I smile a lot!
My friend Kitty Krampe referred me to Dr. Landry. From day one, I felt I had found a professional “team” to restore my teeth to a nicer condition. I qualify as a BABY when it comes to going to the dentist (a 68 year old baby). I used to request that my dentist come out to my car when I drove up for the appointment and bring the nitrous oxide gas to administer to me before I got out the car. Each visit to Dr. Landry’s office has been easy and pleasant because of the gentle and kind faces that greet me and treat me.
My first impression of Dr. Landry’s office was positive in every sense of the word. Now that I’ve been a patient for several months, that is still the word to describe the office. Everyone is welcoming, and the comfort of the patient is their first and foremost concern. It is almost “fun” to go to the dentist. Dr. Landry spent several minutes with me asking about my fears and finding out what bothered me about visits to the dentist. He assured me that they would do everything they could to dispel my worries and I have not been disappointed.
After my examination, x rays and consultation, I decided to have the five teeth restored with porcelain veneers-the match is perfect. I am very pleased with the results and am no longer self conscious about my smile.
Thank you, Dr. Landry and staff for your professionalism as well as your excellent care-and thank you for Ativan!
Alice Morgan – Lafayette, LA

Dr. Landry,
Thank you for your expertise and patience during my dental restoration. Although anxious about the ordeal both physically and financially, you and your kind and courteous staff made the experience pleasant. I am very satisfied with the results; cosmetically the restoration looks great, and my bite has improved drastically. I look forward to the next phase in my treatment.
I would recommend your services to anyone considering this procedure.
May you and your staff be blessed this holiday season and in the New Year with health, prosperity and much happiness.
Dean Fontenot-Jennings, La

A Reason To Smile
My journey in acquiring an attractive smile began when I started noticing in photographs that my front teeth “appeared to be missing”. I became discouraged after visiting the first dentist and getting an estimate that was far beyond my financial reach.
A friend with a stunningly beautiful smile encouraged me to contact Dr. Landry. Upon meeting him, I immediately felt relaxed and hopeful by his compassionate demeanor. He presented me with an affordable plan in phases that fit within my budget.
Taking into account my fear of dentists, Dr. Landry and his entire staff encouraged me through each phase with kindness, gentleness, and professionalism. Dr. Landry has presented me with a new world where I can smile with my mouth open, showing off my beautiful new teeth.

Thank You Dr. Landry.
Glenn Jaubert – Lafayette, LA

When I first decided to have my dental work done, I really had no understanding of the procedures involved in capping a tooth. I was referred to Dr. Landry by another dentist in town. He highly recommended that I see Dr. Landry. I have to say that at this point in my treatment I am extremely pleased and totally satisfied with my care under his supervision. Aside from the fact that Dr. Landry makes one feel that he’s in total control and has a complete understanding of the mechanisms involved in the total process, I was most impressed with the mechanics in the organization of his treatment. As a patient, after each visit I came away with the feeling that the entire focus of all members of his staff as well as the doctor was directed to me as an individual and that his total attention was on the perfect application of the procedure being performed on my teeth at that time. No one seems to be in a rush. The office was totally quiet and everyone in the office, including all the assistants, were fully concentrated on my problems.
I still have not received my permanent caps at this time, but I’m totally pleased with the appearance and the feel of the temporary caps. I’m looking forward to completing the process, and I can assure Dr. Landry that if the topic ever comes up, I will give a big smile and spread the word to anyone listening about the care, attention and professionalism of Dr. Landry and his office staff. I am a totally pleased and satisfied patient and would highly recommend Dr. Landry to anyone who is interested in having any type of general dentistry work done on his teeth.
Merry Christmas,
GG, M.D. – Lafayette, LA

Smile and the world smiles with you. If you can’t, do something about it. The road to happiness has many paths.
As I was thinking of the path that I have taken to perfect my problem riddled mouth it took me way back to my college days just after I removed my braces. My teeth at the time were straight and pretty and I thought my troubles were over. A bike accident and a night grinding problem later I was getting back into dental purgatory. I had just joined the Navy when my wisdom teeth needed pulling and a few teeth filled. Not to say anything derogatory about the Navy Dental Academy, but there was a lot of on the job training in areas that shouldn’t qualify.
Anyway, I survived the military and went home to Sacramento to give my family dentist another shot at the title. Granted this was several years ago and the industry had not developed as far as it is now, he had no idea how to fix my problems that were continuing to worsen.
I got a job as a diver here in Louisiana in 2001 and began my offshore experience. Diving however, created another variable that I didn’t have before. The pressure differences started popping all of my fillings and caps off. That, along with my continued grinding turned my mouth into an absolute disaster. The continued pressure also started giving me headaches that would not go away.
I went to my Human Resources Rep, who is from Louisiana, to give me a reference to a good dentist in town. “Dr. Landry is where I go”, she said. So I went to see Dr. Landry. He had lots to say. We had plenty of work to do, to simply get me into positive hygiene status. We visited several times over the past few years, but it wasn’t until two years ago that we formulated a plan that was beneficial to both parties. He was the first dentist I had ever talked with that had an idea of what to do. Kathy continued to call me in for cleanings and I continued to work on affording the procedures. Once we got things worked out the progress moved quickly. We took several moldings and quite a few sessions with the TENS machine. Sounds bad, but the girls really made me feel comfortable and on more than one occasion, I would fall asleep. The “Tensing” device calibrated my jaw movement so my teeth would close in the same position. After only a few sessions my jaw was aligned and I was ready for the temporary molds. They were big. Someone told me I had John Elway teeth. I didn’t care, I was progressing thru the system. The idea of having a smile worthy set of teeth motivated me to do whatever I needed to do. They were setting me up for the permanent fixtures. At the end of December I was getting  married and wasn’t going to get my permanent teeth in time. I had a deadline that would put stress where it was not needed. Dr. Landry pushed to get my temporary fitting in before I went and allowed me to get my wedding pictures done with some pearly whites. Every one of my family members freaked out when I smiled. It was a great day. I couldn’t stop smiling. In fact, I don’t think I’ve stopped. By the time I got the real veneers in place I had lost all headaches. My teeth looked great and my confidence in my smile was priceless. They turned out so good they put my picture on the wall. I can’t even believe my teeth were so bad.
I work in a resource department now and see hundreds of people a week. When they ask about where to go for dental work I send them to Dr. Landry. It’s the least I could do. Thanks to you Dr. Landry and your staff of professionals. If its raining and it looks like the sun is shining, its probably just me driving down the road, smiling like an idiot.
Jimmy Thiel – Lafayette, LA

When I was in junior high school, I was told that I needed braces because two of my permanent teeth never came in. I wore those braces from 7th grade through my junior year in high school. Then began the process of getting porcelain teeth and bridges. At that time, which was the early 90’s, my Marilyn bridges were put in using big, metal clamps that were glued to the adjacent teeth. It took a while to get used to them, but it was better than having missing teeth. However, over the years, the teeth and veneers started to yellow, and I became very self-conscience about the appearance of my teeth. It really began to bother me when other people made comments about the yellowness of my teeth. I was embarrassed to smile. What an awful thing. Then, one day, Polly, the dental hygienist at Dr. Landry’s office asked me to fill out a survey. One of the questions was, “Are you happy with your smile?” I answered, “No,” and so began my journey to a new smile. After many phone calls, faxes and questions with Ms. Kathy at Dr. Landry’s office, my husband and I discussed it and after the birth of my son, I decided to get new bridges. The first step was to whiten my real teeth. The whitening kit was easy to use and very effective. Once the whitening was complete, Dr. Landry matched the color of my new teeth to the newly whitened teeth. He removed my old bridgework which was a job all in itself and put in temporaries. When my new teeth came in and the bridgework was complete (minus the big, ugly metal clamps they used to use), I had a new beautiful smile. I was ecstatic and no longer ashamed to smile. Now I get compliments on my smile and not ugly comments. It has really made a difference for me, and I will be forever grateful to Dr. Landry and his wonderful staff for everything they have done.
Monica Huval – Lafayette, LA

Several years ago I met Dr. Craig Landry – his office staff and his clinical staff are among the best trained, friendliest and professional crew I have ever met. They seem to strive to be pleasant, courteous and caring. Like “How’s your mamma?” and really mean it since some of them do know my momma!!! – any way – I have always been terrified of dentisty and have on several occasions made several disparaging remarks about the entire dental profession – but alas – my opinion has been changed – Craig is kind, encouraging, sympathetic and he listens to your wants, concerns and directs you onto a path you can both afford and feel comfortable with and is never demeaning about your UGLY teeth you originally walked in with. I have one of the prettiest smiles in the city – I have been complemented from Houston to Atlanta in regards to my beautiful teeth. I am often tempted to say ‘You can buy them from Dr. Craig Landry” but I am too vain – so I just accept the compliment and move on – sorry Craig.

Any way, now that I have survived the worst of all my dental issues and I no longer have to cover my mouth when I smile – I really do have to admit that Dr. Landry is so instrumental with getting you ready – Polly is comforting, understanding and supportive and Ms. Dee and Kathy are so friendly – it’s like walking into their kitchen to visit for a cup of coffee.

Craig is never judgmental – always supportive and patient with your time frame and your mind set- not to mention the special work he and Polly do with handicapped/special children –

Craig Landry and his staff are considered to be an important, supportive part of my life and no longer part of life that I avoided like the plague. Thanks you guys for helping me through this.

Judy Marie – Lafayette, LA

A smile can change a lot of things. One’s willingness to smile can be driven by different factors, but in many cases it can simply be the fact that your teeth look so awful.

Growing up as a kid in New York City I just thought every kid went to the dentist every six to eight weeks. Every visit involved much drilling with those old fashioned cable drills. I probably had twenty fillings by the time I was twelve. In my teen years the dentist was starting to talk about how difficult it was address new cavities when there were already so many fillings in some teeth. There was an incident in high school where a mechanical drawing teacher called me to the front of the room and quietly asked me a series of questions. Were both my parents alive? Were they both in good health? Did the family have adequate money to meet everyday expenses? Did I like this class? Etc. When I answered all the questions in the affirmative, he then asked “Then why the heck don’t you smile every now and then?”

In my early twenties I started to have crowns installed in Orlando, Florida. That particular dentist asked a long series of questions trying to understand why I had such bad teeth. The answer that I’ve had confirmed since by several other dentists relates back to when I was five or six years of age. Medical doctors thought I had rheumatic fever and they treated me with one of the few medicines then available, sulfur drugs. As it turned out I did not have rheumatic fever but the sulfur drugs seriously weakened the enamel of my teeth.

When I first visited Dr. Landry I had eighteen crowns in my mouth. The teeth not already capped had numerous fillings. The fillings visible on the front teeth were by now a wide variety of colors.
It was few months before Dr. Landry contacted me with the idea of having a total mouth restoration. As part of the work he was doing with the Las Vegas Institute (LVI) he proposed a plan which would replace every tooth in my mouth with porcelain crowns. He presented a computer image of what I and my mouth would look like at completion. I must admit the result seemed impressive and within a very short period of time I signed on for the program.

There were a multitude of visits from my home in Florida to Dr. Landry’s office in Lafayette. Detail photos were taken from many angles. Considerable time was spent in tensing my jaw muscles to bring upper and lower jaw into their correct relative position. This was anything but subjective. As I am an engineer by degree I was impressed that exact repeatable mathematical criteria were used to determine the final relative position of the jaws after the mouth restoration was completed. The correct jaw position not only gives the correct bite but also helps keep the head, neck and shoulders in a non stressed state.

There were two trips special trips for this project. The objective of first visit was to reshape all of my original teeth to post like shapes. These posts would eventually become the base that the porcelain crowns would be mounted. While the thought of having this done seemed somewhat frightening I must admit I experienced very minimal discomfort. Dr. Landry and his staff repeatedly asked if I was uncomfortable in any way. At the end of that visit I had in my mouth one continuous set of temporary upper teeth and one continuous set of temporary lower teeth. These teeth would of course just be there while the final porcelain crowns were fabricated to match the mounting post configurations and the correct jaw location.

My next trip to see Dr. Landry was to remove the temporary upper and lower sets and mount the individual porcelain crowns. Again the discomfort was amazingly slight. A later visit back to Lafayette in a few weeks did some fine tuning on the bite and reconfirmed that jaw positions were as planned.

I can not be more pleased with the results. It dramatically changes my appearance. Casual acquaintances enquire about my teeth and what happened to change their appearance so dramatically for the better. I find myself smiling without even realizing that I am. My wife is pleased; she claims I look much younger. My daughter is pleased, she likes having a dad that smiles. Just the other day I had photos taken for a new passport. The young lady who was taking the picture had so say several times “Sir, passports photos are not supposed to show the teeth, please close your mouth more”.
A smile can change your life and the great work done by Dr. Landry is my living example.
Mike Dunne – Satellite Beach, FL

November 16, 2006When I began having headaches and earaches, I made an appointment with an ENT. Nothing, including a CT scan, indicated problems to cause the discomfort I was experiencing. I mentioned the problems to Dr. Landry at my regular 6 month cleaning appointment. He suggested that temporomandibular joint dysfunction could be causing these symptoms. However unconvinced this was the problem, I agreed to have the neuromuscular testing done. After a few minutes with the tens unit, my symptoms began to diminish. When the tens unit was removed, I began experiencing symptoms again within just a few minutes. So, I began my journey of working to find a solution to this problem.

Dr. Landry took a “rubber impression” of my bite to send to the lab to make my orthotic. He actually took 2 impressions. I insisted on leaving with the second one. When I wore it, my symptoms would go away. Following weekly adjustments to my orthotic, my bite stabilized. My headaches decreased dramatically. My earache totally disappeared. By this point, I was delighted that I put my trust in Dr. Landry.

Today, I had a consultation to decide what our next step was in treatment. Dr. Landry gave me several options to consider. Again, his expertise and willingness to work with me have given me the tools necessary decision for further treatment.

I can’t express how appreciative I am of Dr. Landry, Polly and the rest of his staff for their dedication to diagnosing and treating this problem. I have recommended Dr. Landry to several people having symptoms similar to mine. The time and money involved is nothing compared to the results!

Thank You,
Lisa Farmer – Lafayette, LA

Around the age of ten, an accident left me with three broken front teeth. A bonding was put on to give the appearance of natural-looking teeth, but over the years, the bonding wore, began to chip away, and the color became very dull. When Dr. Landry recommended replacing the bonded teeth with porcelain veneers, I had no idea of the impact it would have on my life.

Before the procedure, I was very self-conscious of my smile. But after having porcelain veneers and the teeth whitening procedure, I am no longer afraid to smile or laugh. And being a woman, that is something that is very important to me. I owe it all to Dr. Craig Landry and his wonderful team!

Thank you,
Mysti Detke – Youngsville, LA